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About Us

Welcome to the Computely website, designed to link people across the world more easily together!

As more and more records about ancestors become available in digital form on various genealogy web sites, it becomes ever easier to find out who your ancestors are. By combining data with others, it is now often also possible to know who your now living relatives are, even if the common ancestors lived hundreds of years ago. We link persons to places, to make it possible for you to find relatives near you or on the other side of the world. We also break language barriers by allowing names of persons and places to be entered and viewed in various languages and character sets. To start with, our user interface supports 4 languages and an additional 14 languages. If you enter your researched family history into our website, you may make some fascinating new discoveries. and find long lost relatives.

The protection of privacy is very important for us, no living persons will be visible unless our users explicitly allow data to be displayed. Living persons can link themselves together by using friend invitations by mail. Please read our privacy policy for more details.

Try out the new feature of uploading your own family tree data. Your data will be compared to all existing records and you will be given the possibility to merge your data in with all available data.

To join us is easy. You will need an account to use our services. Membership is to start with free of charge. We will introduce advertising and possibly also fee based additional services later on. We would also be very pleased to accept donations, which we would use to more quickly enhance our service and introduce apps for mobile users.

Best regards / Computely yours,

Björn Pellkvist

This picture shows my great grandparents as they got married on 8/7/1903 in Seattle, USA. He (Karl Johan Kaarle) had come from Armasjärvi in Norrbotten, Sweden and she (Maria Adelina Tastula) from Kaustinen in Finland. Theirs and several similar stories inspired me to build this website.

How do we translate between names?

We use names as they are entered in machine readable passports. After those names are entered, additional versions can be added. This example shows different ways to write my given name.
For places it is even easier. Just enter the place names in any language, the place found will be displayed to you in the languages chosen by simply selecting a flag or by activating a favourite language. If your favourite language isn't available in the list, simply notify us and we will add it to the list.

How do we find matching persons?

When we compare persons, we look at all language versions of names and places to ensure that we find persons, who may have been entered in different ways. It is not obvious that for example "Anders Johansson" (Swedish version) can be the same person as "Antti Juhonpoika" (Finnish version). Also many place names differ from language to language (my hometown Vienna is called Wien in German). We will detect all cases as long as the translations between names are known. When we discover matching persons, you will be given the possibility to merge the records and link in further relatives.

Suggested first steps for newcomers at Computely

  1. Log in to use the Computely services
    You need to first create an account to be able to log in to use our services.
  2. Configure your account
    Consider how you want to use Computely and enter your personal preferences. Decide what you want to share with whom and which of the contents of Computely you are interested in.
  3. Enter information about yourself
    Please enter as much data as you wish to share about yourself. Your name, photo, birth date, birth place, where you live now and further places where you often go.
  4. Add information about your family and relatives
    With the help of Computely you can organize family gatherings in small or large scale. Invite family members and relatives you know about to Computely as well. Those who enter several generations of ancestors may find many interesting family connections throughout the world. Historically interesting personalities related to you will shown to you. Computely members can, if both have agreed to it, find each other and get in touch through the website if it turns out that they are related. Upload your family tree data to speed up entry of data.
  5. Invite your friends
    With friends we share a lot of nice experiences in our lives. Integrate them here at Computely too.
  6. Feedback to us
    We are very interested in what you think of our services offered here and gladly accept criticism, suggestions and support requests. Either use Facebook or Twitter to reach us, or if you have an issue not of interest to everybody, please contact us by mail.