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Welcome to Computely! A website designed to help you link up with your relatives around the world. Start entering your ancestors and link up with others you share these ancestors with. Once you have been linked in with others you will automatically get your list of related members updated as other persons join the site. You can also invite cousins you know to the site and share all your findings with them. Here is an overview of the current status of what is going on at Computely. In order for you to join, you need to create an account with us. Within minutes you will be ready to start.

Top 10 places

Kaustinen, Kaustinen, Finland Kaustinen, Kaustinen, Finland

Halsua, Finland Halsua, Finland

Veteli, Finland Veteli, Finland

Kronoby, Finland Kronoby, Finland

Sodankyla, Sodankylä, Finland Sodankyla, Sodankylä, Finland

Kokkola, Karleby, Finland Kokkola, Karleby, Finland

Ullava, Karleby, Finland Ullava, Karleby, Finland

Nedervetil, Kronoby, Finland Nedervetil, Kronoby, Finland

London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

Terjärv, Kronoby, Finland Terjärv, Kronoby, Finland

Top 10 surnames

  1. International format Peltoniemi
  2. International format Tastula
  3. International format von Oesterreichen of Austria
  4. International format Wirkkala
  5. International format von Sachsenen of Saxony
  6. International format Kaensaelaeen Kansala
  7. International format Kauppinen
  8. International format Paavola
  9. International format Halonen
  10. International format Penttilaeen Penttila, Pentilla


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