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Maria of Oettingen-Flochberg (1498-1555)

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of Anhalt-Köthen


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George of Waldburg

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Roughly guessed date 1514
Germany Wallerstein, Donau-Ries, Swabia, Bavaria, Germany

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Name variants

Deutsch Maria Joachimsdatter von Öttingen
Deutsch Maria von Öttingen
English Maria Joachimsdatter of Flochberg
English Maria Joachimsdatter of Oettingen
English Maria Joachimsdatter of Oettingen-Flochberg
English Maria of Flochberg
English Maria of Oettingen
English Maria of Oettingen-Flochberg
English Marie Joachimsdatter of Flochberg
English Marie Joachimsdatter of Oettingen
English Marie Joachimsdatter of Oettingen-Flochberg
English Marie of Flochberg
English Marie of Oettingen
English Marie of Oettingen-Flochberg
English Mary Joachimsdatter of Flochberg
English Mary Joachimsdatter of Oettingen
English Mary Joachimsdatter of Oettingen-Flochberg
English Mary of Flochberg
English Mary of Oettingen
English Mary of Oettingen-Flochberg
Русский Мария Joachimsdatter фон Flochberg
Русский Мария Joachimsdatter фон Oettingen-Flochberg
Русский Мария Joachimsdatter Эттингенская
Русский Мария фон Flochberg
Русский Мария фон Oettingen-Flochberg
Русский Мария Эттингенская
Svenska Maria av Flochberg
Svenska Maria av Oettingen-Flochberg
Svenska Maria av Öttingen
Svenska Maria Joachimsdatter av Flochberg
Svenska Maria Joachimsdatter av Oettingen-Flochberg
Svenska Maria Joachimsdatter av Öttingen
Svenska Marie av Flochberg
Svenska Marie av Oettingen-Flochberg
Svenska Marie av Öttingen
Svenska Marie Joachimsdatter av Flochberg
Svenska Marie Joachimsdatter av Oettingen-Flochberg
Svenska Marie Joachimsdatter av Öttingen
International format Maria Joachimsdatter von Flochberg
International format Maria Joachimsdatter von Oettingen
International format Maria Joachimsdatter von Oettingen-Flochberg
International format Maria von Flochberg
International format Maria von Oettingen
International format Maria von Oettingen-Flochberg



11 April 1498
Germany Germany

18 August 1555