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Protection of privacy through our members

At this website, we deal with personal data, connections between people who are related and between friends. Every member must decide on their own which data is to be made publicly available to others. These are things to consider to ensure that the service can be used anonymously if required:

Content of our website

Our website will be filled by data mainly through our members. We can not guarantee that the entered data is correct, complete or up to date. We provide a service and take responsibility for what we enter, but for content entered by our members, each member is responsible. We are not required to continously monitor entered data for content that may be in conflict with applicable laws. If we are informed by members about problematic content, we will with high priority ensure that it will be removed.

Links to other websites

Our website contains links to external websites. We take no responsibility for the contents of those websites. That responsibility lies with the providers of the other websites. If you detect any problematic link, please inform us and we will remove it as soon as possible.

Copyright violations

We are responsible for the contents we provide through our website, but as we allow our members to upload content, such as photos, the members will be held responsible for any uploaded content. We are in no position to monitor all uploaded material for copyright violations. If a member reports a copyright violation to us, we will ensure to remove the content promptly.

Protection of personal data

Users of our website must identify themselves to us. We collect only absolutely necessary data. The data entered will only be passed on to others if a member gives the consent through the display settings. Data about other living persons, entered by a member will remain private and can't be passed on to others. Data about deceased persons entered through family tree structures will become visible to others, to make it possible to make connections with other members. If incorrectly entered data makes data of living persons visible, please immediately notify us and we will with highest priority remove the data.

Encryption of data

When transmitting data over the internet, some data may be scanned by others. It is because of this not possible for us to guarantee that data may be scanned by others. This is especially the case for Emails, the communication between our members and our website is encrypted (SSL), to ensure that critical data, such as passwords and personal data will remain safe.

Unwanted mails

For mail addresses published at our website, we are not giving any permission to allow anybody to send us mails for any purpose. We may take legal actions to guard us against spam mails.

Integration with Facebook

We make use of the so called „Like-Button“ at our website.

Integration with Twitter

We make use of the so called „Tweet-Button“ at our website.

Integration with Google

We use Google Maps to display places on a map and also retrieve geographical coordinates from Google. Google Analytics is used to collect statistics anonymously about the use of the website.

The use of cookies

This website is provided in multiple languages. To support immediate switching of languages, we use cookies. Cookies serve the purpose to make the use of the website as comfortable as possible. Also for the Integration mit Facebook, Google, and Twitter, cookies may also be used. If you disable the use of cookies, you may not be able to use all features of the website.

Removal of account

If you wish to end your membership, you can do so, by logging onto your account and in your profile select "Remove Account". If you remove your account, please note that this is an irrevirsible process. All your personal posts, messages to other members and friends will be removed in both directions. No member can find any trace of you once that is completed. Your contributions to the large amount of data related to already dead persons will remain for others to continue to build on. In case you have children who are members, they may be affected as your profile will be gone. If they want to stay connected to ancestors beyond you, they will have to add a new private version of you and then add ancestors to re-connect with all cousins. We will keep the information about your removed account, so that no log on will be possible and that nobody can create a new account with the same data. In special cases, where you may want to remove an account for which you no longer have access to the associated mail account or in case you know that a user has died, please collect proof to uniquely identify the account and submit the information to We will then remove the account for you.