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Isaac Joakim Knudsen (1857-1948)

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Johanne Nilsdatter

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Canute Isaksen

Isaac Joakim Knudsen

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Name variants

Suomi Iisak Joakim Knudsen
Suomi Iisak Joakim Knutinpoika Knudsen
Suomi Iisak Joakim Knuutinpoika Knudsen
Suomi Iisakki Joakim Knudsen
Suomi Iisakki Joakim Knutinpoika Knudsen
Suomi Iisakki Joakim Knuutinpoika Knudsen
Русский Isak Joakim Кнутссон Knudsen
Svenska Isak Joakim Knutsson
Svenska Isak Joakim Knutsson Knutsson
International format Isak Joakim Knudsen
International format Isak Joakim Knutsson Knudsen



Roughly guessed date 1857

Roughly guessed date 1948
Noreg Manndalen, Troms, Norway